Kids and Gadgets!

As a kid I had a bad reputation of being a toy explorer. I played with my toys (mostly electronic toys) for a brief time and then opened them for good. The best part would be to break a circuit and then join it only to feel like an engineer. I opened every toy up using the 'plus' wala screwdriver as out electrician boy put it. So off I went unscrewing minute screws from plastic china and fibre, which put off my parents for a bit but did not have a major effect on them as they did not cease to buy me remote controlled cars in spite of knowing its future.

So I also built aeroplanes that never flew but the fan on it ran like a propeller(courtesy: motor flicked from the king climber, an all terrain tank ordered from Asian Sky Shop). Many years have passed since that and I see all that repeating at my house. My younger brother enjoys opening up the toys more than playing with them. So guess all we kids are just plain curious about technology.

This was confirmed when I sat at Inorbit Mall typing this post. Every kid that sat with his parents on this bench wanted to sit next to me. Just to observe what I was doing. One outgoing felllow reminded me to type in my password while I forgot! Random kids run past and bend a bit just to see what I am doing. This toddler came running towards me as I typed this and gave me a hi-fi! So guess if you have a cousin or a kid whom you want to gift something, make sure you visit your local toy store and BUY that fancy looking robot that does nothing but sings.

Even the mobile phone that plays 'chaiya chaiya' is good enough. Visit Manish Market located near Crawford Market near Marine Lines for cheap electronic fancy items as those dealers call them for slightly older kids. Power the gadget and just leave the kid with it, he/she will not forget you! Guranteed.

P.S: For tips and suggestions on what to buy or what is openable just leave a comment.


Anonymous said…
kids are a curious lot. cute from a distance but mostly annoying. how come i don't meet the cool hi-fying kinds??
i get invited to freaky kids' parties instead...are there any gadgets i can gift that would make them leave me off their guest list the next time?
Rushikesh said…
Arrey sure, like a jack in the box, shocker pen or a can. Just pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood prank store guy!
sacred chaos! said…
i was rather am still a very curious child and still try stuff like this!! always into gadgets unlike 'gurls' lol its always fascinating reading about such things and screwing with d screws! :P nice post...keep at it!!

cheers!! :P
Rushikesh said…
Aha glad to see that and thanks so much, you too keep writing. I am sure you revive it some way or the other.

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