Set Free

A cloud of smoke rose in the air
For broken was the door of the lair
And bells of freedom started to toll
Fresh air gushed into her soul
A smile long lost crept onto her face
This was the end of a crazy race.

She danced and sung with joy
Alive she felt, no more like a toy
Tired of being ordered, she felt sick
Only if a better choice she could pick
With regret and remorse in her heart
Bull's eye would never hit her dart

But it was soon to be the past
Her misery would end at last
As I delivered the last command
Asked her to leave this cursed land
Regret filled my heart that moment
but this, the only way to end her torment

Disturbed and amazed, she drifted away
Wondering if this was all an absurd play
Dark nights and terrible times came
Was this all a part of some wicked game?
But dawn arrived with news of victory
And that puff of smoke helped her break free.


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