Sunsets and Surfs

Most times in life, happiness comes from simple things. Although I can't and I shouldn't generalize, lets just say that I speak for myself. Some of my best memories comprise of the most simplest things in life. I don't remember particularly how the hotel room was at Kaniyakumari, but I can still feel the wind blowing at the Swami Vivekanand Memorial Rock or picture the three distinct shades of blue that surround this island. And this trip we made way back in the winter of '99. The amount of happiness that one derives is not at all proportional to the money that one spends. But then since I don't have much, I probably look at maximizing my satisfaction with every purchase. However, cheaper, inexpensive things have brought me and the people around me long lasting happiness.

A kind word, a simple meal or a walk on the beach all make up for some really good memories, for the happiness that they bring along cannot be compared with anything. Of course a material purchase could bring you joy, its novelty soon wears off as it's utility diminishes. Where as the joy of walking by the surf with a person whom you love never loses its charm. Concepts such as snob valued product are a result of a booming economy and might soon die out with the downturn of the economy. However, the sunset will never fail to have a calming effect on us every time we gaze at it. Amongst the myriad hues in the sky, the bright burning ball of fire slowly surrenders to the vast ocean with a promise to shiner brighter the next day. A thought that has kept the entire human race going.

One more thing I have realised is that spending a lot of money on outings in order to make them fun is naivety. Not only saving money helps you during emergencies but also leaves you a tad richer. But most importantly of all, going budget helps you understand and appreciate the finer nuances of life. The smiles lit up the dark beaches and the sound of mirth and laughter resound more prominently. The conversations are more meaningful and experiences far more real. A similar logic applies for gifts. A bubble making bottle or a flower can bring a lot of happiness without raiding the bank.

The brain is quite tricky. It will remember how you felt for ages but most likely omit the money that you spent. In a way hinting at what's more important. It is easy for one to let go and emerge out of their comfort zone in such situations.This is the off beat way. Living life on impulses and giving into temptations sometimes makes this life worth living for.This has always worked for me. Maybe it will for you too. Can't say. No harm in giving it a shot right?

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Tamanna said…
I was nodding all along! Correct, correct, correct. For me though, the stay is as important as the place I travel. And the best part is that believe it or not, stays are cheap if one has to sift through a million websites and google searches and India Mike and Tripadvisor pages. Win win, really :)

And a walk in the rain leaves me way happier than a new ipod (not that I have an ipod.) Know what I am saying? I also wrote something just like this a couple of months back.
Rushikesh said…
Sure the stay does matter, but then it is not as important. Also cheaper the better :P And do share that link here. Would love to read up!
Tamanna said…
Tamanna said…
Argh! My desktop keyboard does not have any indicator for caps lock!
Rushikesh said…
Oh no problem. Made me all nostalgic about the OrKuT ErA :P

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