Fresh off the Dock!

Family gatherings are a great time to talk about food. And especially when you have members who are fond of budget friendly eating out places. These places are what I feel like the underdogs of a team. Always overshadowed by the media hyped-shinier places, they continue serving good food in a manner that could be best characterized as unassuming. So when my cousin spoke of a place known as Central Lunch Home, where she regularly ordered from my mind was busy conjuring up images of the dishes she spoke of. However, she had never visited it, it seemed like a good place. Google search revealed it's menu and a couple of photos but no reviews. It didn't matter, I had Shweta's thumbs up and that was sufficient.

The kitchen shuts at 1530. We were at Causeway at 1515. We were prepared to be turned down but to our surprise Manoj, welcomed us with a polite smile and made a few recommendations. We were in an experimental mood so didn't opt for the Thali which Shweta had mentioned is quite sumptous and good value for money(100 bucks). Instead we settled for Surmai Gassi, Prawns Masala and Pompfret Fry(deep fried) along with some chapatis. Both of us had not had a proper breakfast, so when the food arrived we dived in! The gassi was clearly lip smacking, the surmai was tenderly cooked. Prawns masala had a generous amount of prawns and was tasty. The deep fried pompfret was reddish presumably due the food colour and some chat masala sprinkled lightly on it added to the taste. It wasn't oily at all. We liked it so much that we devoured the eyes too.

It was soon time to shut the kitchen and lower the shutters. So Manoj politely asked us if we would like anything more. Overestimating our capacity we ordered for a Prawns Gassi and steamed rice. It was brought to the table in record time. Loaded with prawns , the taste varied from that of the Surmai gassi. The flavor of the prawns had mingled very well with the spices. There was some rassa too that was given complimentary. A tangy orange coloured liquid. Halfway through we realised that we were too full but we persisted. And finished mostly everything completely but the rice and prawns gassi so we decided to pack it up for a cat.

This was the first time that we had eaten with the shutters down. The servers went out of their way to make us feel comfortable although we were quite apologetic. However, we enjoyed our meal thoroughly. Pausing in between to catch our breath or to share a laugh, we didn't lose focus of the heavenly food that lay in front of us. The fish was fresh and service heartening. The packed rice eventually went to a shy dog who was suspicious of the contents but soon ended up making a meal out of it.

We wandered around the streets of Colaba, marvelling at the quaint ambience of the area until we reached RTI. A small patisserie kind of place that served us amazing mousse. Afghan Church lay only a few minutes away but we decided to head back to our respective work places. Duty called at us and Afghan Church would have to wait. And after jumping into a running bus, we were on our way back. With thoroughly satisfied tummies and wallets not significantly lighter.

Meal for two was Rs. 393, which was quite a deal. The portions would suffice 3 people easily.

Central Lunch Home
Meherzine Building, S Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba
Opposite Colaba Bus Station, Near Sasoon Dock, Colaba
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
022 22182118

P.S: We were so engrossed in eating that we forgot to take pictures of the dishes or ourselves so when we realised that, we were already halfway through!


Shwetz said…
Never thought you would take off for central the very next day. :) But glad you enjoyed the food.
And btw loved the post...craving for the yummy food now. Waiting for Tue to be in office so that i could order Prawns masala :)
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Rushikesh said…
I was in the area so decided to check it out. My friend was kind enough to give me company. And do that! Thanks once again.

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