The Ugly Face

The truth hurts. Most often living on lies is better than facing the stark truth. The hideous truth, that bares its ugly face to you. The face doesn't leave you. Even when you look away, close your eyes or try to sleep. It is staring at you with a smirk. Eventually you fall asleep and it manifests itself into your dreams. Blowing itself to humongous proportions and driving your sleep away. As you jolt up on your bed and break into a cold sweat, it startles you again. It now laughs, a wicked ringing laughter. That doesn't seem to wake anyone up except you. Ignoring it, you hide under a blanket. Twisting and turning until the sun starts to shine again.

But at the crack of dawn, only ghosts disappear. The light drives away all evil. But truth is no evil. It is the highest virtue. And practitioners of truth need to be worshiped. The honest need to be revered and respected. And one need not feel any hatred to the person who reveals that ugly face to you. However, agonizing it might be. You need to stare into those eyes. Those eyes that speak about yourself. You need to hear them out. The face, however, won't vanish because truth is immortal. You need to live with it, respect it. And in time to come, one never knows, the ugly face might turn pretty.


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