The world goes by

My house doesn't have a window that I would sit at and watch the world go by. Even if I wanted to, I would have to share the space with my cats and look at a wall. Ergo, whenever I go to anyone's house, the first thing I do is I look out of the window. For most, the view is common. A collage of many small tv-screens that showcase the life and times of a hundred families. You see married ladies going about their household chores and young men and women chatting away on their mobile phones. One might even spot an adventurous couple or at times lock eyes with the pretty woman looking out of the window.

But for some lucky ones, there is a vast garden in sight, maybe even the entire city for a few. A couple of friends in Thane who live on the top floors of high rises literally look down on the whole of the lake city. The ever green Ghodbunder road with small hills rolling by its side or the glimmering Thane Creek. I have been lucky enough to visit a friend's house that overlooks the magnificent sea link built over the murky Arabian Sea. However, one of the most spectacular sights is of the Arabian Sea flanked by the Queen's Necklace from a high rise in Walkeshwar. Glittering jewels zip across and create an amazing spectacle. I always wonder how would it look on a full moon night. Maybe I will ask my friend.

These buildings are not on isolated areas, they are surrounded by other structures too but you don't notice them as you look at the beauty that surrounds them. And I envy all my friends for a window doesn't only offer you inspiration to create something but also is a great way to pass time observing the world. And so here I am sitting by the window admiring a view that I hadn't noticed so far. This is where I spend most of my day and I am glad to have found this spot. From here I can see a canopy of trees. These trees are as old as the structure itself.

I cannot see their base, for my view is obstructed by a smaller structure jutting out of the main building. There is a lonely street that passes by, often used to transport criminals to the court that lies next door. I can see the upper branches of the trees. The birds and bees unaware of my prying eyes go about their business. I see the male koel calling out in hopes of finding a mate, I see the parakeets create a ruckus but maybe thats how they express love. The omnipresent crows strategise and plan their next scavenger hunt. Sometimes when I am lucky I spot a tailor bird or even a sunbird. I hear the call of the Kite and see one hovering high above the trees. There is a fruit bat that devours the hanging jack-fruits, hanging upside down of course. All such wonders of nature putting up a great show.

As I gaze out and envy the care Mother Nature bestows these creatures with, a slight breeze lightly caresses my face. It feels comforting, maybe Nature's way of reminding me that I too belong to her?

I managed to click a picture.


Anonymous said…
Few of those who have the view have the eye that you do :)
Rushikesh said…
:) Sorry, I just saw the comment. Thank you Ma'am. You are way too kind.

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