Travelling is all about stories. Stories that you hear and stories that you share. One doesn't need to go on long haul trips to experience them. A day trek is fine, as I found out on Breakfree's trek to Sagargad. The gentleman who rents his bus to us sends his son as a 'cleaner' along with the driver on every trip. Now, people familiar with truck driving jargon will know that the job of a cleaner involves a lot of menial work. But this chap, lets call him, S, does that and a lot of other dirty work without any hesitation. He only mingles with me and never talks to the guests.

Yesterday, as we passed Shahbaaz, on the Alibaug-Bombay route, he started telling me about the woman he is in love with. Incidentally, she belongs to the region that we were currently passing through. He even pointed out to the lane that leads to her village. She works at a rich family's house in Bombay, close to where he lives. She calls him from their landline phone when she doesn't see him driving around and they talk for 10 minutes. They don't talk everyday. Only a glimpse is enough to keep them going. He meets her on days he is not travelling for just about half an hour at a park nearby. When she visits her hometown, he rides down on his bike, 100 odd km away to meet her and her family. He likes her, she likes him. He would like to get married to her but not now, now is the time to set up his own thing he tells me.

It is a simple tale of love. But one that can teach you a lot. In the days of cellphones, internet, whatsapp, twitter and what not, communicating or rather keeping in touch has become almost obligatory. Relationships are based on the number of text messages exchanged or the number of times you meet in a week, the number of emails you exchange and the number of times you Skype. And then you have people like S. For whom words don't mean much. Physical presence is a matter of luck. On days, when the business isn't looking up, he finds time to see her. He can't even hope for more such days because, well, that would be irrational. And honestly, I think that one glimpse is all that should matter.

Here's wishing loads of luck to S and his friend. 


Such tales are always fascinating. It's all about one look, one smile, and maybe a few words. I really hope they have a happy ending.
spunkyfunkyme said…
awwwwww, sweet! love, so simple. hum log hi complicate karte hain! :P
Bharati said…
This is such a beautiful account of a time we once remember as "Back in those days"

Guess we do take a lot for granted in our everyday lives. Such a "Glimpse" into another reality in our backyard is truly humbling.

All the best to S, and may his romance keep growing deeper with time!
ShreyaK said…
It sure is fascinating.... and I totally agree...
Staying constantly in touch , texting every minute,calling up each other after every single minute-they call it "LOVE" n its totally ridiculous... It's definitely all about a "Glimpse" - the warmth felt and the love shared!!! :)
sarah ashraf said…
What I enjoyed more than the story was its narration, You really made it seem like a big deal but may be sometimes a glimpse is all that matters, indeed!
Rushikesh said…
Manali, it is fascinating for sure! Lucille, sahi kaha aapne. Bharati, the non-mobile days were truly spectacular. Shreya, awesome phrase! Sarah, that's all that there is to life

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