There are many things happening simultaneously as I write this in my chamber. Well, it's not a chamber, it is a room, a small one at that but sometimes I like to feel stately. Many things - the fan is rotating slowly, the cats are sleeping, the folks next door are snoring. I am sure there is a crook lurking around in the darkness. The area dog has taken upon himself to guard my kingdom. He has been barking erratically over the past two hours. I feel like chasing the thief but then I don't want to give him the impression that I am guarding something valuable. Too much of an headache when all I have is a huge pile of books, growing rapidly on my bed. The double bed is now a single sized bed. How will I explain it to her if she decides to drop by for the night? I don't need to worry about her, for now, I am sure she won't come. No one visits anyway.

The night will pass on. And somewhere in between a bat will fly past my window. I see it everyday. Bouncing ultrasonic waves off me as it goes in pursuit of the enemies of men - rodents. Although, I seriously doubt how much of a chance it holds with the big rodent, that I fondly refer to as Chintu, short for Charles, who scuttles in the open gutters that run across my chamber. He has grown so used to my presence that he doesn't even pretend to shy away each time I walk past. The next time, he will get his family along, I am certain of that. But then I am not sure if I will have anyone to introduce to him except my cats. A cool breeze blows and I open the door and walk out into the night. I stick to the shadows because I don't want to be mistaken as the crook lurking in the darkness. Old habits die hard. There's no one except the shrews hiding in the bush, they squeak in delight, welcoming me to the party. I politely decline their invitation and walk on.

The moon is shining bright, while the stars are twinkling. But I can't see them, the pollution cover is too thick. I am glad I never contribute to that. I always walk to everywhere. There aren't many places that I visit anyway. Occasionally at night, I share an auto with a stranger. I am sure he doesn't mind. You don't tend to get scared of people whom you cannot see. I don't really need to travel in an auto, you know. It's just that I can't help refuse a free ride. Something that I never got to enjoy, in the past. I stroll around, sniffing the air for the scent of a good old book. They aren't many to be found nowadays but sometimes I tumble across a gem. I slowly flit into the house, and pore over them. It's nice when there are no pets at that place, the humans generally don't bother with me. I read until dawn breaks or sometimes I borrow the book and replace it when I am finished. Before anyone wakes up, I quietly leave the house and before the birds start their chatter, I am back at my chamber. It is time to sleep. So much wandering around and reading leaves me exhausted. Even dead people need rest.

By the way, if you find your favourite book missing from the shelf, don't worry I will return it very soon. Good night for now.


Anonymous said…
+1 !
Love for books is one which cannot be explained!
Plus, I've got piles and piles of books at home, too. It annoys the hell out of my folks, but I'm so glad to have so many of them! :D
There are some that I've bought for my kids to read, too ;)
Rushikesh said…
Oh that's superb! Keep it up! I hope the piles keep multiplying like Charles and his family ;)
Hamida Mahadik said…
Lovely!! Reading is one habit which i can never leave,inspite of my mother's constant insistence. My pile of books annoys her a lot ;).. A booklover till i die..
Rushikesh said…
Thanks Hamida! And I think the pile of books is not friendly to everybody! But that's okay, keep it up :)

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