The boat

The day began with rain. It didn't manage to drench me, for I was on the train.
Rain drops splattered on my window. I smiled as I saw the wind blow. 
You can see the wind, who says no? If only out there you go. 
It is easy, trust me, my friend. 

Long ago, when the rain came down. Two smiles and one frown. 
Streams formed at Versova. Frogs croaked and we made boats. 
She launched a boat and I saw it float. Off towards the sea it sailed.
Lost in the monsoon swell.

My train stopped and many streams I crossed to reach the sea
Brown and angry, fully of plastic and foam pulling at me
I gave in and swam along, sooner that I thought, I was a bygone
In the sea, I remained afloat until I bumped into that very boat


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