Gothic Birds and Animals of Bombay

I have been fascinated by the Neo-gothic buildings that dot the southern part of Bombay. One of the most interesting features of this style is the liberal use of animal and bird motifs that can be spotted on almost all buildings. A more than cursory glance is required to spot some of them, but I can promise that it is worth your time.

Elphinstone College and David Sassoon Library and Reading Room stand tall in the Kala Ghoda area. Overlooking the busy M.G Road, they have witnessed a sea of change wash over the area. Right from the erection of the erstwhile Kala Ghoda statue which gave the area it's current name to it's subsequent shift to the Veer Jijamata Udyan. They have seen the Jehangir Art Gallery come up and the art movement unfold. Major contributors to the freedom struggle who also played a key role in building the nation studied here.

The Owl - Elphinstone College 

Monkey(Langur?) Elphinstone College 

Angry Monkey, Elphinstone College 
Dog, Elphinstone College 

Unidentified Bird, Elphinstone College

Eagle, David Sassoon Library

Elephant and Pineapples, DSL

There will be more pictures and stories. I look forward to your suggestions and recommendations of other animal and bird carvings in other parts of the city!


Anonymous said…
Nice post. Never noticed these motifs. I think these gothic structures are one of the best things about south Bombay.

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