कॉल्ड्प्ले in Bombay

कॉल्ड्प्ले केम टू बॉम्बे टू शुट थेइर लेटेस्ट विडीयो.

थे टूक अ कॅब अंड वेंट टो प्ले होळी इन वरळी अन्द सेंट सोनम कपूर टू वसई फोर्ट.

बेयोन्से बेकेम अ हिंदी मूवी आयटम गर्ल कॉलअड राणी.

व्हाट ईस व्रोंग विथ इत?

I saw the video only to see if I could spot the locations. Yes, there is Bassein Fort (How did they get the white peacock there! CGI like Beyonce climbing the stairs of the fort?) shot in the monsoon months with the foliage glorious and overtaking the ruins of the past, there are bylanes of Worli, the fort and the small harbour, Banganga, random streets and yes of course, the Gateway.

But there are some great visuals and some really made up ones. Sadhus doing yoga, kaleidoscope man, outdated tv sets but hey, this is a music video not a documentary on India on Discovery Channel. All I am thinking is how much fun those b-boying boys must have had and how proud their parents must be. I hope someone tracks down the group and does a story on them.

Then of course, there are the fishermen from Worli Koliwada whose dinghies Chris Martin sails away on. All in all, good song, good video - if you want to learn about India through a music video then I am sorry for you.

Also, if you are still crying hoarse about cultural misappropriation and being an apologist (We also have skyscraperzz!) then to you I'd like to say, what we say it in Bombay, khaali-peeli kaayko bomb maarta hain? Khaali fukat time waste mat kar. Culti maar, chal.


Karen C said…
That was a BRILLIANT reply to all the emotional reactions we've been reading on social media! Thank you for a wonderful read!
Yes we outrage over all the wrong things in the world! Thanks for dropping by, Karen!
Captain Grim said…
Hi! Do you know which temple is it that has been featured in the opening shot of this video?

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