Walk Back Home

This is a silence that I have known
All along, all my life
It is the silence of the midnight
Which welcomes me as I walk into it

There is a song that plays in my head
Each time I walk down the farm road
That's the song I hear playing faraway,
In a rickshaw going home

The dog barks at me and then gets bored
Wags his tail but I have no food
I am as hungry as him in this night long and cold
But I walk along and it is quiet again

I don't need light in this darkness
In the empty space, disputed
between the worker and the thief
I walk the trail oft-beaten

Feline Dost

In my first year of college, I would walk down on Deonar Farm Road, from the library in the main campus to my PG accommodation located about 9 minutes away. This was written after one such lonely walk, last winter. 


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